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Explore the world of digital art photography and discover unique techniques to create stunning images. Unleash your creativity and learn how to capture mesmerizing moments with these top ideas.
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25-year-old Russian artist Ellen Sheidlin, known as Sheidlina, invites us to her creative, weird, and whimsical fantasy world that is her Instagram feed. Her photos are not your regular perfect shots we are used to seeing; she takes her craft to another level by combining photography, digital art, fashion, and makeup. Her bizarre ideas and compositions can be uncomfortable but utterly impressive at the same time, causing strong reactions and interpretations—and for this reason, her work is…

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SPOTS ARE LIMITED, MAKE SURE TO REGISTER TODAY! Sign Me Up! What will we be covering and how does it work? The Profound Basics Before moving forward in anything you want to create, there are some basic rules that you need to know! This class is essential to everything you do and will be your bread and butter to your ar

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