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Discover innovative and effective differentiated lesson plans to engage your students and meet their diverse learning needs. Enhance your teaching with strategies that promote individual growth and success.
The Second Grade Superkids: Differentiation Across the Subject Areas Organisation, Pre K, Differentiation Strategies, Differentiated Instruction, Teaching Strategies, Differentiated Learning, Differentiation In The Classroom, Instructional Strategies, Elementary Education

We had another class Monday night with our new dual/ELL staff members, and this time we focused on differentiation and what that may look like across the subject areas. As we have done in the past, we had the teachers participate in a gallery walk and thus rotate around with their groups to add to a series of posters focused on this topic of differentiation. Yet again, our wonderful staff did not disappoint and came up with a wide assortment of ideas as to how instruction can be…

Ashley Marie
Using Color To Help You Tier Differentiated Activities. Ideas, Pre K, Differentiated Instruction, Differentiation Strategies, Teaching Strategies, Differentiated Learning, Teaching Math, Differentiation Activities, Differentiated Kindergarten

Before I talk to you a bit about how I tier my activities by color. I always think it’s important to preface things with a little review. Some of you have seen some of this so you can just skip over this first part. I never know who is going to stumble upon my differentiated…

Johanne Ferdinand
Blended Learning Throughout the 5E Science Model | INSPIRES blog Assessment, Lesson Plans, Inquiry Based Learning, Instructional Strategies, Instructional Coaching, Lesson Plan Templates, Lesson Plan, Lesson Planning, Instructional Design

Most science educators are familiar with the 5E model as shown below. Until this year, I have not been able to fully incorporate blended learning techniques throughout the entire model. After much …

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