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How to keep deer out of the garden. From barricades to scare tactics to chase deer away from your garden. Here's what works and what doesn't when trying to keep your garden safe from deer.

Connie Kramer
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Looking to protect your herbs from deer? Plant deer-resistant herbs like lavender, sage, rosemary, and thyme. These aromatic herbs add beauty and flavor to your garden while deterring deer from munching on your plants. Enjoy a thriving garden with herbs that both you and the deer will appreciate!

Martha Rypstra
20 BEAUTIFUL PERENNIALS THAT DEER HATE Deer Resistant Garden Plans, Deer Repellant Plants, Deer Resistant Landscaping, Deer Proof Plants, Deer Resistant Flowers, Deer Resistant Garden, Deer Resistant Perennials, Flower Garden Plans, Deer Resistant Plants

Whether you grow your perennials in your garden bed, border, or container, one thing is sure: you don’t want deer munching on them. If you live in an area where deer live, you will know

Jackie Singletary