Dark jack frost

Uncover the mysterious and enchanting world of the dark Jack Frost. Dive into a realm of frosty magic and chilling tales that will leave you spellbound.
sooooo i am about to right a book on wattpad about jack frost you sould read it i will give you more info but.... yeah the name will be "i Believe i jack frost" <3 Manga, Jack Frost, Fan Art, Heroes, Rise Of The Guardians, Jake Frost, Otp, Dark Jack Frost, Guardians Of Childhood

❝A winter spirit and a princess form a bond that lasts until the end of time.❞ Elsa has shut everyone out and has closed her heart from the people she loves the most; frightened that she may injure them like she did Anna. But she isn't the only one that has feelings of loneliness lingering in her mind; Jack Frost has separated himself from his village and came to the Kingdom of Arendelle. His memories hazy and with no recollection of who he used to be, but with the help of a small princess…

暐捷 黃

Jackson Overland Pitchiner, popularly called Jack Frost, is the son of The Nightmare King. He was born on the Isle of the Lost. Unlike most teens on the Isle, he's a loner. He may socialize and occasionally join in some fun, but he's not a gang joiner. He stayed out of Mal's gang's way and the same with Uma's. He usually sticks to his legend of being there but not a part of anything. But he was also friends with Carlos...maybe even best friends-till Carlos started hanging out with Mal, Jay…

Blue Frost