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Discover the must-have tools for dance teachers to enhance your classes and provide a better learning experience for your students. Elevate your teaching with these top ideas and take your dance classes to the next level.
Elements of Dance Worksheet and Handout.  How will you incorporate more dance into your classroom today? Teach Dance, Kids Dance, Dance Practice, How To Dance, Dance Art, Dance Teacher Tools, Elements Of Dance, The Theory Of Everything, Dance Coach

The elements of dance are for all performers and all classrooms! Download PDF handout and start using in your classroom today. Add this language and these prompts to your performance activities to deepen not only your students’ understanding of movement, but their own portrayal of unique storylines. Handout contains prompts for four of the elements of dance.

Leticia Cariño
Tips For Teaching Preschool Combo Classes | The Ballet Source Ballet Terms, Ballet Lessons, Dance Lessons, Dance Terms, Toddler Dance Classes, Kids Ballet Class, Teach Dance, Learn To Dance, Ex Libris

Rising in popularity over the past 10 years is the idea of the “combination class”. There are teachers and studio owners who love the idea, and others who struggle with teaching all that needs to be taught in such a short amount of time. How can teachers learn to adapt and provide a solid dance […]

Laurie Buck