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Find the perfect words to express your feelings with these heartfelt crush quotes. Let your crush know how much they mean to you and make them smile with these inspiring quotes.
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Each love quote of the day is designed to help cheer you up when you're missing your partner in a long distance relationship. Loving someone long-distance can take a toll on your relationships and your everyday life, but these best love quotes remind you that it's worth it to fight for the ones you love most.

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Either way, there's nothing quite like your first love, and these quotes will show you why. There You Are... Love Quote, Wall Art, Wood 7. Both Are Wonderful 25 love quotes 8. That's How You'll Know 14 Beautifully Inspiring Love Quotes 23. Dr. Seuss 25 love quotes 24.

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Words are there for you when you need them the most, especially when it comes to telling someone how you REALLY feel. These 15 crush quotes for him are perfect for when it's time to tell your crush that you love (or at least really, REALLY like) them.

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