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Explore the world of croquis architecture sketching and learn how to bring your design ideas to life. Unleash your creativity and master the art of architectural sketching techniques.
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Pen and Ink Architectural Drawings and Sketches

If you like Architectural Illustrations and Sketches, Paul Hill is the person to go to. More than sketches for proposed buildings, they look like art pieces, you can just hang on the wall. Having travelled a lot, since a young age, this is how Hill describes his journey, "Born in the UK...bred in Africa...and survived over a decade of life in the Austrian Alps!". We have tried to bring together as many different aspects of his drawing portfolio, including interiors, exteriors and drawings…

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Draw Like an Artist: 100 Buildings & Architectural Forms — Sketch Like an Architect

Featuring more than 600 sketches depicting a vast array of architecturally and culturally significant buildings, bridges, towers, monuments, and more, Draw Like an Artist: 100 Buildings and Architectural Forms is a must-have visual reference for student and aspiring architects, artists, illustrators, and urban sketchers.

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Design Is In The Details: My Photorealistic Drawings Of Famous European Buildings Architecture Drawings, Photorealistic Drawings, Silhouette Architecture, Building Silhouette, Landscape Steps, One Point Perspective, Architecture Graphics, Architecture Drawing Art, Art Et Illustration

Design Is In The Details: My Photorealistic Drawings Of Famous European Buildings

I am trying to keep the art of architectural drawing alive as computers are taking over our architectural offices! Very beautiful architectural images can be made on the computer but they are a completely different art form to the traditional intricate pencil and paper drawings. I work solely in pencil, and as you can imagine they take days to complete. People often ask me how I have the patience and I think that if you are interested in your subject matter then it is an absolute pleasure…

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