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Explore the intriguing beauty of crooked forests around the world. Discover the unique twisted trees and learn about the fascinating stories behind their unusual growth patterns.
What’s the Deal With Poland's “Crooked Forest”? — Daily Passport Nature, Crooked Forest, Mystery Photos, An Inconvenient Truth, Unique Trees, Tree Trunks, Pine Trees, Growing Tree, Four Corners

What’s the Deal With Poland's “Crooked Forest”? — Daily Passport

Forests hold an air of mystery, enchantment, and even darkness. But some forests hold more than just unique natural beauty — they are home to mysteries and geological oddities that scientists are still pondering. One such place is Krzywy Las, the “Crooked Forest” of Poland, home to nearly 400 pine trees with trunks bent at bizarre angles. And even more strangely, every single one of them points north.

Gail Walters
The ongoing mystery behind Poland’s ‘Crooked Forest’ – Amazing Nature, Nature, Crooked Forest, Panorama Photography, Wonderful Nature, Elephant Trunk, Breathtaking Places, Interesting Places, Beautiful Waterfalls

The ongoing mystery behind Poland’s ‘Crooked Forest’

Located outside Nowe Czarnowo, Poland, is an eerie-looking collection of curved pine trees nicknamed The Crooked Forest or Krzywy Las. No one knows how the original 400 pine trees got their identically bent shape — all 90-degree drops at the base, like elephant trunks. But it's believed that a special technique was used in the […]