Corporate dress

Discover the perfect dress options to enhance your corporate look. Upgrade your wardrobe with these stylish dresses that will make a lasting impression in the boardroom.
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CLAN is a premium ready-to-wear brand that offers a range of cosmopolitan pieces from work-wear, to everyday basics, to occasional pieces. It’s minimalistic aesthetic and well-crafted designs have positioned CLAN as a leader in the premium ready-to-wear industry in Africa. Earlier this month, they launched the SHE, The Power Woman Campaign, to usher in their new […]

Olajide Ajire Sharon
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Corporate gowns are a fantastic choice for the stylish and professional Corporate Ladies out there. These elegant outfits are perfect for making a statement in the workplace while maintaining a sophisticated and professional look. Let's dive into the details of why corporate gowns are a must-have for the modern working woman.