Copic ciao

Discover the endless possibilities of Copic Ciao markers and unleash your creativity. From vibrant illustrations to beautiful calligraphy, find inspiration and techniques to enhance your artwork.
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A short while ago I asked the question on social media, “If anyone wanted me to do a Copic Marker review?”. Quite a lot of people said yes and a few said no, for the same reasons I was initially hesitant, as so many artists have completed Copic Marker Reviews.

Camellia B
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【PREMIUM ALCOHOL-BASED MARKERS MADE IN JAPAN】A fast-drying, transparent alcohol ink will not harm the surface or fibers in the paper allowing it to remain smooth. The ink used is low-odor and non-toxic. Round barrel with child-safe cap. 【REPLACEABLE NIBS】SUPER BRUSH & MEDIUM BROAD: The flexible brush nib is ideal for blending, shading, and for drawing both thick and thin strokes. The broad nib is perfect for producing consistent lines and for adding details to your creations. 【REFILLABLE】a…

Krisztina Kriszti