Cooking techniques

Enhance your culinary skills with these essential cooking techniques. Learn how to sauté, roast, and sear like a pro, and take your cooking to the next level.
Kitchen 101: Cooking Methods. A handy chart. Hope to find one I can print out and keep. Snacks, Food Info, Kitchen Cheat Sheets, Cooking 101, Food Facts, Food Hacks, Cooking Guide, Professional Kitchen, Foodie

Chasing Delicious posted a reference list of basic cooking methods. It starts with this poster that you can purchase for your kitchen, and then expands upon each cooking method to explain the hows and whys. These may be old hat to experienced cooks, but to someone who is learning their way around the kitchen, it's an invaluable resource. Link -Thanks, Russell! (Image credit: Russell van Kraayenburg)...

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