Communist propaganda

Explore the captivating world of communist propaganda and discover the powerful messages behind it. Unveil the art of persuasion and delve into the history of this influential movement.
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The story of what happened during the Russian Revolution also known as the 1917 'Workers Revolution' starts with the Bolshevik Revolution. Uncertainty plagued the Russian Revolution from the start and the Russian Revolution required 3 years of brutal Civil War to defeat the remnants of the Czarist Regime under Czar

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCCXL)

1. Discovery of a 3000-2000 BC ‘high priest’ in a vessel during the Uruk excavation of 1929/30 Found on Reddit’s Museum of Artefacts. 2. Ancient Mosaics just sitting unprotected by the shoreline “Yes, they are wonderful and in an ideal world they would be preserved”… Find out more on Helen Miles Mosaics 3. The New…

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