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If Marija Tiurina’s latest watercolor appears to be a random mishmash of dreamy scenes, that’s because it is. The London-based illustrator (previously) recently completed “The Lockdown Project,” a dense composition inspired by dozens of submissions she collected during the first few weeks of quarantine. Complete with childhood memories, dreams, and colloquialisms, the illustration depicts a rich network of bizarre characters and fictional tales that flow organically between scenes. More

sarah lukas
Colossal x Cinta Vidal Print Release: Urban Evening | Colossal Architecture Drawings, Art, Painting, Illustrators, Inspiration, Perspective, Architecture, Urban, Surrealism

We are honored to have worked with artist Cinta Vidal on an exclusive release of the print edition of her 2017 painting, Urban Evening, available now in The Colossal Shop. In her latest series of paintings, Catalan artist Cinta Vidal (previously here and here) takes on the vast and complicated topic of industry: its omnipresence, its normalization of detritus, its strange beauty, and the contradictions in how it both helps and hurts us. More

Glenn Stewart
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Photographer Rob Woodcox sits down with our editor-in-chief Christopher Jobson to discuss his masterfully composed images of the human body, his deep commitment to social awareness in his practice, and his upcoming book "Bodies of Light."

Fantastical Atmospheres Are Rendered with Dark Impasto Strokes in Digital Paintings by RHADS | Colossal Image Avion, Most Beautiful Paintings, Deeper Shade Of Blue, Colossal Art, Modern Crafts, Dream Art, Image Hd, Canvas Prints, Art Prints

Impasto strokes in deep shades of blue and gray form the volatile environments that backdrop Artem Chebokha’s surreal works. The Saint Petersburg-based artist, who uses the moniker RHADS, mimics the texture of oil paint in his digital pieces. Situated within heavy clouds and pockets of lightning, elements of unusual scale, like minuscule airplanes or an oversized octopus, create otherworldly atmospheres filled with unpredictable weather and open expanses. Prints of Chebokha’s dreamy…

Kathy Christie
Impossible Cityscapes by Benjamin Sack Draw Inspiration From Cartography and Musical Compositions | Colossal Modern Crafts, Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Foto Fantasy, Fantasy Art, Cityscape Drawing, Photo Print Sizes, Musical Composition, Arte Cyberpunk

At the Direktorenhaus Museum in Berlin this past week, a solo exhibition of detailed architectural drawings by Virginia-based artist Benjamin Sack (previously) opened to the public. Titled Labyrinths, the collection of new works features vast cityscapes comprised of impossible inner-geometries. The maze-like urban maps reference musical compositions and various symbols found in cosmology. Often creating based on what he calls a “fear of blank spaces,” Sack tells Colossal that his starting…

Carl Maxwell
Distorted Figures Navigate the Aftermath of Environmental Destruction in Portraits by Stamatis Laskos | Colossal Words On Canvas, Oil On Canvas, Conceptual Drawing, Large Mural, Colossal Art, Pet Fox, Destruction, Contemporary Paintings, Drawing & Painting

Fantastically tall figures with elongated limbs and torsos inhabit the distorted, mysterious realities painted by artist Stamatis Laskos (previously). The highly stylized artworks, which extend upwards of six feet, imagine a universe marred by unknown destruction: an elderly man wades through waist-high water while fire burns in the background, a woman retrieves a human skeleton from a flood, and a self-portrait shows the artist shielding his eyes with detached hands. More

Stuart Anderson