Colonial home landscaping

Enhance the curb appeal of your colonial home with stunning landscaping ideas. Discover top tips and inspiration to create a picturesque outdoor space that complements the classic charm of your home.

Learn about the main elements of the Colonial home style in this article. The history of the Colonial Home is important to the fabric of America. image sourceWelcome to another installment in the ELEMENTS OF HOME series. Each month I showcase a different residential home style here on…

Christine Smith
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Life at Chez V – Where Small is the New Big and Little Things Matter I have always longed to be part of the establishment. This stems from my upbringing as a Greek American in a predominantly WASPY tree-lined neighborhood where monogrammed sweaters, ski vacations, and club memberships were de rigueur. New construction was almost unheard of and many of the mansions date back to the early 1900’s. Hawthorne Hill - home of the Wright Brothers As a young girl, I walked the streets of Oakwood - my…

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