College organisation

Stay on top of your college workload with these effective organization tips. Discover how to manage your time, keep track of assignments, and create a productive study environment.
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Click to learn how to stay organized in school! ✨ Discover how to stay organized in college with tips to reduce stress, maximize time, and achieve academic success. Start fresh and make a change today. Study Tips Plan ahead for tests. Set aside time for studying. Stay on top of due dates and assignments. Use an agenda or planner Take breaks Use color coding Prioritize your tasks based on their importance Brain dump then organize Use the Pomodoro technique

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You are finally free from school, now you are entering University/ College. Sometimes, starting something new can be very overwhelming. Yes, there are countless teenage college movies on Netflix giving you a glimpse into life as a young adult, they are quite glamorised...There are so many small things you may have forgotten about, that you need to do before in order to be and feel prepared! Read on if you want 13 ways to make sure you are prepared for every semester!