Coffee table arcade

Level up your living room with a coffee table arcade that combines style and nostalgia. Explore top designs for an immersive gaming experience at home.
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Touch Screen Coffee Table DIY With 32" TV and Low Cost CCD Sensor: UPDATE 27/09/2017 : A new video is online. It explain everything you need to know to understand how to build your touch screen!! UPDATE 04/04/2016 : Multipoint software + Emulating NES video/pictures + OPTION_7 Point and Click + speed test + OPTION…

Justin Ellis
Pong is Being Rereleased Inside a Full-Size Coffee Table Coffee Table Arcade, Ping Pong Games, Arcade Table, Atari Video Games, Pool Table Room, Pong Game, Guy Gifts, Arcade Cabinet, Vintage Video Games

Pretty much everyone has a coffee table in their house and pretty much everyone loves Pong, so a group of Uruguayan engineers have taken advantage of that overlap. They've brought Pong into the physical world, removing it from its previous pixelated build and building a physical, playable version into a coffee table. Like the original

Olivier Chauvin
Coffee Table Arcade, Wood Veneer Table, Mini Arcade Machine, Arcade Console, Modern Cocktail Tables, Arcade Game Machines, Modern Cocktail, Mini Arcade, Cocktail Cabinet

The arcade machine table will give you a reason to start hanging out in your living room once again. Each side of the high quality wood veneer table provides ample space while the center console contains a 60-in-1 arcade machine with an easy to navigate menu.

Retrospec Design (Corey O'gorman)