Coastal bedrooms decorating

Transform your bedroom into a tranquil coastal escape with these inspiring decorating ideas. Create a serene and beachy ambiance that will transport you to the seaside every night.
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Coral Spray DIY Coastal Decor

A few weeks ago, I was browsing through a stack of catalogs I keep for inspiration and I spotted the coolest (does anyone still use that word?) ..anyhoo, the coolest coastal accessory and I immediately fell in love and had to have it. In the DIY sense of course. Today’s project is a 15 minute DIY coastal...Read More »

Sher Patrick
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Step Inside Nina William's Coastal Farmhouse Bedroom with Solar Shades |

Step inside Nina William's coastal farmhouse, and see why she's loving her motorized solar shades. Also, take a look at the motorized shades we have to offer!

Scott Simons
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Sea and Sand: Coastal Bedroom Decor Ideas for a Coastal Chic Look

In the realm of interior design, capturing the essence of the coast within the confines of a bedroom is an art form known as coastal chic decor. The magical combination of sea and sand can instantly transform any space into a soothing sanctuary that exudes tranquility and relaxation. With a keen eye for aesthetic harmony, this article will unveil a curated collection of coastal bedroom decor ideas, each crafted to transport you to the breathtaking shores where waves dance and serenity washes…

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29 Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas for a Tranquil Retreat

Are you tired of cluttered and chaotic sleeping spaces that disturb your nightly rest? Imagine transforming your bedroom into a serene haven that not only promotes relaxation but also embraces the elegant simplicity of Scandinavian design. Our curated list of 29 Scandinavian bedroom ideas offers a refreshing escape into tranquility, where minimalist aesthetics meet cozy functionality. Dive into a world where every element is carefully selected to create an atmosphere of peaceful retreat…

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