Classroom table arrangement

Transform your classroom with creative table arrangements that promote collaboration and engagement. Explore top ideas to optimize your classroom layout for a dynamic learning environment.
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Hi friends! It's been a couple weeks and I've now completed 4 weeks with my new 2nd grade friends - we are almost halfway through the first nine weeks! A lot has happened in the past 4 weeks - both in my classroom and my school - but I made a big change this week...I went back to traditional seating in my classroom. Now, please don't throw the arrows and rotten tomatoes at me! Let me explain! Back in January 2016, the flexible seating trend starting sweeping the education world. It seemed…

Ashley Stoner
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After some long days and hard work I am happy to say that my new room is finally ready for the school year! I moved up a level and I have to say, the switch was really nice (and I have windows now!) It's amazing how much harder it is to find the time to get in to work on it once you have a one-year old! But alas, here it is! I'll work around the room counter-clockwise starting at my desk. Let me know what you think! Here's the whole room looking in from the door. I made the choice to go with…

Rachael Fraley-Brinker
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I can’t believe I’m writing this post… I REALLY can’t believe I’m already back in the swing of all things SCHOOL. I decided to keep my same Farmhouse Flair Neon theme this year. I was crazy busy this summer creating classroom decor… I fell in love with the Farmhouse Flair Magnolia and the Farmhouse Flair […]

Chelsey Svonavec
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This post describes 4 classroom desk layouts, pros & cons of each and an explanation of the learning theory underpinning each layout. Which do you prefer?

Sarah Sughroue