Claire mccardell

Discover the timeless style of fashion designer Claire McCardell and get inspired by her innovative designs. Explore the iconic pieces that have influenced the fashion industry and find your own unique style.
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From the full skirt through the clinging wrap of the bodice, McCardell has here demonstrated her acute understanding of Madame Grès and Madeleine Vionnet. In fact, the wrapping in this dress, while variable according to the needs of the individual body of the wearer, gives the effect of being as precisely calculated and measured as any product of the couture

Gemma Chivers
Sundress by Claire McCardell (1945). McCardell was a pioneer of American fashion. She was known for her use of natural fabrics, casual looks, and flattering silhouettes. I love the halter, crisscross style of this top. Very fashionable still today. Haute Couture, Dirndl, Vintage Fashion, Museums, Vintage, 1950s Fashion, 1940s, 1940s Fashion, Metropolitan Museum

Claire McCardell is remembered as a pioneer of American fashion. After studying at Parsons and living in Paris, she returned to America to design functional, affordable clothes for the American woman. Her simple use of natural fabrics, such as cotton, denim and wool combined with flattering silhouettes filled a vacancy in women's fashion. Her first success was the tent-shaped Monastic dress, which had no form, but when belted became body-revealing and flattering. For the length of her…

Ashley Chambers