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Discover the fascinating world of city grids and get inspired by top ideas to navigate and explore urban landscapes. Explore the unique patterns and design of city grids and plan your next adventure.
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On the Grid: Visualizing Street Network Orientations Across 50 Global Cities - 99% Invisible

At a glance, the overall pattern formed by these first 25 polar histograms (or: rose diagrams) is clear: orthogonal grids, mostly aligned with cardinal directions in orientation, dominate American cities. There are exceptions, but most streets run north, south, east and west. Geoff Boeing, an assistant professor of urban informatics at Northeastern University, recently moved

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Mini-Stories: Volume 1 - 99% Invisible

Over the years, a number of fans have suggested that 99% Invisible cover a series of strange concrete arrows found scattered across the American countryside. They date back to the 1920s and were used to help guide airmail planes across the nation. While in use, the arrows were painted bright yellow and were accompanied by towers

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