Christmas paintings on windows

Add a festive touch to your home with beautiful Christmas paintings on windows. Explore creative ideas to bring joy and warmth to your holiday decor.
40 Original Winter Paintings on Canvas - Bored Art

Paintings can speak a thousand words. It is famously quoted that painting, are a mirror of the soul of the painter. Whatever the painter feels or goes through comes out in the form of his/her art and paintings. Painting is by nature, a luminous language in itself. Paul Cezanne quoted – “Don’t be an art critic. Paint. There lies Salvation”. Painting is a part of the painter’s personality. And when it is almost time for the winters to set in, how can we not talk about winter paintings. After…

Snowy Tree Painting With A Filbert Brush - 6 Easy Steps Gouache, Art Deco, Crafts, Painting Snow, Winter Painting, Forest Painting, Tree Drawing, Winter Landscape Painting, How To Draw Christmas Tree

Ok so you have painted a snowy pine tree with a flat brush, round brush and may be also with a fan brush... but now you want to find out how to do a snowy tree painting with a filbert brush. That is what we are going to find out in this article. I haven't painted many trees with filbert brush in my painting experience of 10 years but over the last few months I started painting with filbert brush and I love it. Mostly because the rounded tip of a filbert brush created beautiful textures…

Nicole Mühlhausen