Christmas kiss

Get into the holiday spirit with these romantic Christmas kiss ideas. Create magical moments with your loved one and make this Christmas unforgettable.
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Mistletoe is a common name for the obligate hemi-parastic plants. These plants grow attached to and penetrating within branches of trees and shrubs absorbing the nutrients from the host plant. They grow in a bundle known as a haustorium. The commonly known species Viscum mistletoe is native to Europe and is very poisonous. Traditions: In cultures across pre-Christian Europe, Mistletoe was seen as a symbol of a divine male essence of romance, fertility and vitality due to a resemblance…

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The holiday season can bring a lot of stress for a variety of reasons and it often leads us to forget exactly what we're celebrating. Lucky for us, two kittens got together to remind everyone what the holidays are really all about. These 10-month-old adopted kittens, Louie and Luna, were spotted kissing under their Christmas

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