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Discover the best Christian music that will uplift your soul and bring you closer to your faith. Find inspiration and joy in these powerful songs that celebrate the love and grace of God.

After a long weekend of pain (I'm fine now, thank God!), I needed some motivation to start the week off right. And what a better way to boost your mood than with some good christian music, right? Although I always enjoy listening to christian music, I like listening to different types of christian music depending

Chad Phelan
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Dolly Parton and Zach Williams’ powerful tribute to faith hits No. 1 on the Christian Billboard charts, proving it’s never too late to accomplish a dream. Dolly Parton is still one of the undisputed queens of country music, and she’s proved that again. “There Was Jesus” is an emotional, heartfelt song about finding faith on

JoEl Ford

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