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Discover a collection of captivating choir songs that will inspire and delight both singers and audiences. Explore a variety of genres and styles to find the perfect songs for your choir performances.
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Rounds are an amazing way to get students of all ages to start singing in tune, build part independence, and improve aural skills. Below you will find 10 rounds that can be used for warm-ups in choirs from elementary age to high school. In the elementary setting rounds can be used in the general music classrooms to help prepare students for two part music. Additionally rounds in middle school and high school can be used to focus on intonation or other key concepts. Plus students highly enjoy…

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17 Cumulative Songs for Children's Choir | Ashley Danyew Singing Games, Choir Songs, School Choir Songs, Kids Songs, Teaching Choir, Music Lesson Plans, Teaching Music, Music Literacy, Music Activities

Cumulative songs are great for children because they feature built-in repetition, help with recall and provide a mental challenge (keeping track of all those lyrics!), and help children develop their singing voices. Here are 17 cumulative songs to use with your children's choir or elementary music c

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I just found out that this year, I have a choir class during school! I'm so excited. Last year was definitely a learning experience with choir. I really didn't know what to expect as far as their abilities. This year, I am going to hit the basics and try to build fundamental skills, especially with new choir members coming. I was already working on a choir resource to help with sight singing skills when I found out about the class. This PDF is a version of my Choir Basic Training…

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