Child loss

Find comfort and support while navigating the difficult journey of child loss. Explore resources and healing techniques to help you through this unimaginable loss.
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A Letter to my Daughter in Heaven - Her View From Home

When the doctor finished up that prenatal ultrasound, he said the words that would change our lives forever. “I don’t quite know how to tell you this… there is something very wrong with your daughter’s heart”. At that moment, mommy’s own heart broke. Over the next few days, the doctors told us just how sick you were. They said life would be very hard and it may just be best to give up. We said “No.” We were going to fight with everything in us. When the doctor pulled you out of my tummy, we…

Barrie Osborne
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This Is What Child Loss Feels Like - Just Playing House

Imagine a towering wall of cement blocks in front of you. It stands between you and your child. You know they are there on the other side, but you can’t see them. No matter how loud the scream, you can’t hear them. You try everything you can to break that wall down. Pushing. Pounding your fists. Angrily smashing objects against it. Desperately thrashing to ... Read More

Lexie Youngblood
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An Open Letter To Newly Bereaved Parents - Just Playing House

Dear Newly Bereaved, I remember standing where you are. The world feels different. A vast emptiness closes in around your heart as you wrangle with the idea that your child is no longer a part of this world. Your world, broken. The last image of them burning in your mind because there will be no more. Don’t focus too long on the idea that ... Read More

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