Chicken parm appetizer

Try these mouthwatering chicken parmesan appetizer recipes that are sure to impress your guests. Get inspired to create a flavorful and satisfying start to your meal.
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I love Italian food. It is hands down my favorite! I LOVE chicken Parmesan. Unfortunately it is usually fried in oil, so it's not the healthiest. I decided to bake it instead, and I made them into smaller pieces so I could control how much I was eating. They turned out great! I ended up

Meaghan Cheeke
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Tender fall-apart chicken skewers are basted with a homemade garlic parmesan sauce throughout the cooking process and easily prepared in an air fryer.Enjoy as an appetizer or serve over a bed of rice and veggies spread with leftover garlic parmesan butter**SEE NOTES for oven or grill isntructions**

Jennifer Rogers