Chest tattoo female upper

Explore unique and stylish chest tattoo designs for females on the upper body. Find inspiration and express your personal style with these captivating tattoo ideas.
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Show Off To The World With These 98 Armband Tattoos

The armband tattoo is one of the best ways to beautify your arm because unlike calf pieces, they go on the most visible part of the body. Since we use our arms to lift, stack, and throw things around, armband tattoos are visible for the most part. For this reason, these types of tattoos must be fashionable and eye-catching. But what makes even the most simple armband tattoo special enough to be unique?

Alicia Mullett
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100 Watercolor Tattoo Ideas So Beautiful, You’ll Want To Steal Them

Traditional tattoos, with their bright colors and solid black outlines, have been the norm among tattoo artists in the US for years. But like any other art form, tattooing has evolved too. Tired of those imposing standards, contemporary designers decided to break the mold and started experimenting with new styles and techniques. This is how watercolor tattoos were born!

ariel curel