Chest muscles

Build strong and defined chest muscles with these effective exercises. Get the sculpted chest you've always wanted and increase your strength with these top workout ideas.
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Muscle Charts and Stretching Tips: Reminder 1 – Stretch OFTEN for better mobility and less tightness. Reminder 2 – If you have pain during the stretching, STOP and get help. NECK MUSCLES This includes your Trapezius, Sternocleidomastoid or “SCM”, and the Posterior Triangle. The Posterior Triangle including the Scalenus, Semispinalis, Splenius Capitis and Levator Scapulae […]

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Chest is one of those body parts I do not work out often. Why? Hmmm I am weak in this area, I feel like it is not as important for women to do...excuses. So really what I am saying is it is an area I need to work on. I think it is important to have a well balanced body which means working out every muscle group.

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The anatomy of the extrinsic chest muscles is more complicated than the first glance suggests. They originate on the front of the axial skeleton and insert on the upper extremity. Generally speaking, they protract the scapula and draw the humerus toward the midline. This arrangement gets a little more complicated with the pectoralis major. The […]