Cheerleading Jump

Take your cheerleading skills to new heights with expert tips on mastering the perfect jump. Learn how to improve your technique and wow the crowd with your impressive jumps.
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There are two types of cheerleaders – those who love jumps and those who try to avoid them at all costs. I am definitely a jump person! Jumps are a relatively simple way to add excitement and visual interest to your cheers, routines, and general spiriting. Though it may take some cheerleaders a little bit of … Learning the Cheerleading Jumps Read More »

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CONGRATULATIONS PERSPECTIVE CHEERLEADERS you are almost done with your first week of tryout clinics. You have all been working so hard, here is what you have learned this week, don't forget to practice over the weekend. 2015-16 Warriors Cheer, Chant and Motion Sequence Chant/Cheer GET UP GET UP (Captains call first)Get up Get up, let’s go (Team says) let’s go, (Everyone) Go Warriors GO Get up Get up, (Lets go let’s go), Go Warriors GO Get up Get up, (Lets go let’s go), Go Warriors GO Let’s…

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