Catholic traditions

Immerse yourself in the beauty and depth of Catholic traditions. From sacraments to devotions, explore the practices that have shaped the faith of millions and deepen your own spiritual journey.
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You don’t see things like this very often, but apparently these sorts of drawings explaining the faith or the liturgy used to be common. You can click on any image to enlarge it. Enjoy! [See also: 32 Beautiful Holy Cards From Another Era of the Church] [See also: 10 Reasons Some Women Are Wearing Veils in Church Again] [See also: 27 Fascinating Photos of Pre-Vatican II Catholicism] [

Mary Heilweck
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One of most notable things about being Catholic is how many traditions we keep. There are so many beautiful Catholic customs that have been passed down throughout the generations. A lot of them are unsaid, we just sort of do them! They aren't things that we necessarily read about in books. In this post, I will explain ten of them. There are probably hundreds of customs, but here are just a few!