Carved wood sculpture

Explore a collection of stunning carved wood sculptures that showcase the beauty and craftsmanship of this art form. Find inspiration for your home or gift ideas for art enthusiasts.
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~ This hand-folded origami deer is made of metallic copper paper. It is put on a handmade wood base and preciously kept in a glass bell. ~ This creation is 100% original and 100% handmade, except the bell. I've entirely designed this decorative object. I've folded the origami myself. I've also designed and made the wood base in a Parisian wood workshop. >> height: 17 cm / 6.7 '', diameter: 10 cm / 4 '', weight : 450 g >> mix between hand-folded (Japanese technique of origami) and cut paper…

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Jürgen Lingl-Rebetez is an award-winning German artist who specializes in wood carving. He began his artistic career as a painter in his early 20s, and not so long after Lingl-Rebetez discovered wood and all the beautiful things that he can create using it. After moving to Switzerland in 1996, this artist started using a chainsaw to create amazing sculptures.

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