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October the first, 1992 is a day to remember - then, by the tunes of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture’s finale and with cartoon explosions on the screens, the Cartoon Network channel was launched. A historical day, indeed! And, although it wasn’t the first channel with animation as its main attraction, it was definitely the first 24-hour broadcaster to show animation exclusively. Just a year later, in 1993, in addition to an extensive Warner Bros cartoon library, Cartoon Network added its first…

Daniel Caetano
120 Of The Coolest '90s Cartoons You Might Want To Rewatch | Bored Panda Films, Doodle, Nickelodeon, Spongebob Squarepants, Watch Spongebob, Nicktoons, Spongebob, Favorite Tv Shows, Spongebob Wallpaper

1999 | 13 seasons | 271 episodes So, it's a sponge living under the sea in a pineapple, hanging out with a starfish, a crab, a pet snail, and a squirrel. And that's just to name a few odd characters from SpongeBob SquarePants, an animated series that became a real phenomenon throughout the years of its run. Created by the legendary animator and marine science educator Stephen Hillenburg, this series is full of imagination and the most unbelievable adventures experienced by the weirdest…

Tom And Jerry

Tom And Jerry had many ‘owners’ throughout the years, but it was Cartoon Network that added new and original premises to this absolute classic animation. With CN’s rendition of the legendary duo’s misadventures came various fantastical worlds in which they play their never-ending cat and mouse game. Here they spend some time in medieval castles, a mad scientist’s laboratory, and various other places that were never before seen in the series. And the best part is that Cartoon Network’s…