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From Pop Rocks to Pudding Pops, what's become of your childhood faves? Halloween, Pop, Retro, Candy, Pop Rocks, Retro Candy, Sour Candy, Vintage Candy, 80s Candy

By Gael Fashingbauer CooperWhatever happened to Pudding Pops?It may be 2011 in your house, but it's 1981 in my kitchen. Right now, I have Pudding Pops in my freezer, a box of Quisp cereal on my counter, and a package of Pop Rocks in my purse, hiding from my 3-year-old.I've just co-written the book "Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops? The Lost Toys, Tastes & Trends of the '70s and '80s," (Perigee, $

FUNSIES: Willy Wonka's New Peel Popsicles Look Like Purple Candy Bananas |Foodbeast Treats, Pop, Sweets, Candy, Cake, Desserts, Cereal Pops, Candy Pop, Ice Cream Treats

Willy Wonka, maker of purple-packaged candies and chocolates that are sadly less demented than their movie counterparts, introduced a brand new "peel-able" popsicle today, perfect for beating the heat while also enjoying the miracle of opposable thumbs. Available in two flavors, Vanilla Banana and Vanilla Grape, Wonka's new Peel-A-Pops seem to feature a vanilla ice cream tube core encased in an AirHead-like shell, though it's hard to tell from the press release...

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