Can tab crafts

Discover unique and creative crafts that you can make using can tabs. Get inspired and turn your can tabs into beautiful and functional works of art.
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Description Banzaaaai!! Another little crazy stuff! I finally finished this dragon sculpture. It took me forever I used pop tabs all the way from the tip of nose to the tip of tail except for whisker. I wanted to count it but again it'll take me forever to count lol. Also, I'd like to give many thanks to *WhittyKitty for great support. And thanks to all my friends who collected the all tabs for me. I glued them together with ordinary epoxy or cold-weld compound type of epoxy. this guy's…

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Well, I think I’ve invented something cool to do with aluminum can tabs. I should say, Teresa and I, because she actually came up with how to join them together to make jewellery. I know it sounds bizarre to make jewellery out of pop can tabs, but it really looks nice when it’s finished. I made myself a bracelet using black round shoe laces for the cords. Teresa made herself a

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