Calzone recipe with pizza dough

Learn how to make a mouthwatering calzone using homemade pizza dough. Follow this easy recipe for a satisfying meal that your whole family will love.
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Easy Pocket-Size Calzones

Imagine pulling a batch. Of Easy Pocket-Size Calzones from the oven. Each one golden and flaky. Their edges crimped by loving hands. Inside, the cheesy goodness of Monterey Jack. Melds perfectly with spicy bites of mini pepperoni. Creating a melty, meaty mix. That's simply irresistible. Perfect for a family game night. Or a casual dinner with friends. These mini calzones. Are not only a breeze to make. But also a joy to eat. Each bite is a comforting hug. For your taste buds. Promising…

Tristan Monk Upchurch

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