Cake pop stands

Elevate your cake pop presentation with these creative stand ideas. Find inspiration for your next party and impress your guests with beautiful and delicious treats.
DIY Cake Pop Stand Ideas

The following 28 DIY cake pop stand ideas offer a variety of ways to display your sweet treats. Some are simple, others are complex, but they're all creative and cute!

Tamara Oglesby
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With my love for all things Cake Pop (and their frequent party appearances), I’ve been meaning to come up with a quick and easy (and cheap!) DIY Cake Pop Stand for awhile now. After putting a few functional-yet-easy-on-the-eyes cake pop stands together for Adam’s grad party, I’m sorry I waited so long to make them.

Jennifer Reed
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I’ve been making cake pops for baby showers and birthday parties for the past five years, and I’ve learned a few helpful tips and tricks along the way. Before I dive into them I should clarify – these tips are for hand-rolled cake pop truffles (the original kind) on a stick, although many of these

Kris Weaver
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Who doesn't love a slice of cake pop as a sweet dessert? I know you do too. What's better; you can easily prepare, store and serve them to your guests on occasions. But here's a catch (as always), if you don't store the cake properly, it can ruin the real taste of your pops. Now you may ask, how to store cake pops? Well, you can store cake pops in 3 effective ways. Whether cakes are dipped or naked, you can store the pops at room temperature, in refrigerator, or in a freezer.

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