Cable management wall

Organize your cables and create a clutter-free space with these effective cable management solutions for your wall. Find out how to keep your wires neatly concealed and easily accessible.
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Discreet Electronics Organizer: Over the years my wired network accessories (modem, router, etc.) have started to get a little out of hand. Apparently just keeping everything in a pile in the corner is considered "unacceptable." Go figure. So I started looking around at various w…

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wire art, what to do with your wire?

It’s as if everything comes with wires these days. And the more electronics you want to put in a room, the harder it’s going to be to keep their cables and cords free from tangles and ideally out of sight as well. There’s nothing quite like seeing a pile of black wires stuffed in a […]

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10 Terrific Cable Organisers That Make Cable Management EASY! - Expert Home Tips Getting Organised, Studio, Organisation, Design, Organizing Wires, Cord Organization, Organisers, Organization, Getting Organized

Are wires running wild in your home? It's time to tackle those messy cables once and for a with our 10 cable organisers. Read our article to find solutions for everything from DIY charging stations to transportable cable tidies. Cable management needn't be complicated, or expensive. Check out our clever ideas today!

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10 quick DIY hacks to hide the cords around your desk
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Are you tired of the tangled mess of cords around your desk? We've compiled a list of 10 quick, easy DIY hacks that will help you achieve desk cable management perfection. Say goodbye to unsightly wires and hello to a clutter-free workspace. Whether you need to hide cords under your desk or find ways to keep everything organized, our desk cable management ideas have got you covered. Make your workspace aesthetically pleasing with these ways for hiding cords and achieving a clean desk setup.