Butterscotch chips

Discover mouthwatering recipes that feature the rich and sweet flavor of butterscotch chips. Indulge in these delectable treats and satisfy your cravings for something sweet and irresistible.
Those bags of butterscotch chips you see in the supermarket often feature tempting recipes for homemade goodies, such as puddings or cookies. But if you're a true... Chocolates, Fudge, Butterscotch Candy, How To Make Butterscotch, Chips Recipe, Butterscotch Chips, Chips, Candy Recipes, Homemade Chocolate Chips

If butterscotch morsels are not quality, the chips might have a waxy mouth feel with a mild flavor. But when properly made, butterscotch can be a delicious addition to many cookie bar recipes. With some patience and a steady hand, it is easy to keep large batches of butterscotch morsels on hand.

Ann Zanki