Butterbeer recipe

Indulge in the magical world of Harry Potter with these delicious butterbeer recipes. Learn how to make your own butterbeer at home and experience the taste of the wizarding world.
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Butterbeer Recipe

This Butterbeer recipe tastes just like butterbeer at Universal Studios. It's rich cream soda and butterscotch flavors pair perfectly with the butterscotch whipped cream topping! It's just like you're in Harry Potter's world!

Victoria O'Connor
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Harry Potter's Frozen Butterbeer Recipe

This delicious Frozen Butterbeer is a magical treat for muggles and wizards alike! Harry Potter fans will love this frosty Butterbeer shake! Whip up a batch of Frozen Butterbeer for a Harry Potter movie marathon night or a Harry Potter themed party.

Shannon Hewett
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Alcoholic Butterbeer

Alcoholic Butterbeer Cocktail recipe is a boozy beverage based on the popular drink found at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but adults only version!

Jennifer Fishkind {Princess Pinky Girl}