Burgundy dahlia

Enhance your garden with the stunning beauty of burgundy dahlia flowers. Discover top ideas to incorporate these vibrant blooms into your outdoor space and create a captivating floral display.
The Dahlia Karma series was developed specifically for the cut flower market. Now you too can grow these beauties in your own garden! Gorgeous dark burgundy, almost black flowers with lighter red highlights, the Dahlia Choc will bring drama and depth to any garden or arrangement. Purple Dahlia, Dahlia Flower, Burgundy Dahlia, Dahlia, Dahlias Garden, Blooming Flowers, Red Flowers, Growing Dahlias, Dalia Flower

Is it a bulb? Is it a root? No, it's a tuber! Commonly referred to as "bulbs" Dahlia tubers store food for the growing season that cluster together at the bottom of a stem. Dahlia tubers can have several growing points called eyes, and can get bigger each year making more growing points. Dahlias are easy to grow, put o

Tiffany Crider-Jensen