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And They Were Roommates [COMPLETED] - Fallout

A Modern Bucky Barnes x OC Story **SMUTS** Luka has just finished her college degree and moved back to her hometown to live with her boyfriend. She runs into some of her old high school classmates, who support her when she really needs them. One of those people, is her high school crush, Bucky Barnes. ------------------------------ "Didn't know you thought about me that way." You found yourself saying. "Who didn't? You were just focused, driven to go to college. You didn't seem like you had…

Stephanie Martinez

Multifandom Gif Series - - james 'bucky' barnes [1]

I just need a place to write small, short gif or picture imagines for my favorite characters! Fandoms: - Harry Potter - Grey's Anatomy - Teen Wolf - Merlin - X-Men - DC Comics - Marvel - Star Trek - Criminal Minds - Valerian I will take requests!

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