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Explore a collection of stylish Brooklyn Tweed knitting patterns that will inspire your next project. Discover top ideas for creating beautiful and unique garments and accessories.
Back neck darts, to use on a garment with a shawl or stand-up collar    Lovely Ivon – Brooklyn Tweed Knit Patterns, Knitting Projects, Knitting, Brooklyn Tweed Patterns, Tweed, Brooklyn Tweed, Knitted Hats, Collar, Knitting Patterns

I’m a coziness lover, forever drawn to any sweater that provides the singular comfort of a blanket or bathrobe, in a style fit for everyday wear. When our first sample of the Ivon Cardigan arrived at BT late last summer, I tried it on and immediately experienced that stealthy robe-ness that I crave, particularly when Fall and Winter are looming large on the horizon. About a month later, another exciting arrival made its way to our doorstep — the very first skeins of Ranch 02: Forbes, fresh…

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You can spend alotof time browsing Instagram [], which is full of rich images, gorgeous photography, and (if you look at my feed), a whole lot of knitting. Although Pinterest [] and Ravelry usually remain my go-to sites for discovering new and unique knitting patterns, Instagram can show off those patterns in a whole new way. The list below not only provides with some serious knitting inspiration, but also gives you some great knit designers…

Елена Никитина
Wool People 14: Odeon Lookbook – Brooklyn Tweed People, Knitting, Wool, Tweed, Knitted Hats, Yarn Shop, Brooklyn Tweed, Pattern, Collection

Wool People 14 delights in examining the intersection between the practical and the beautiful. Each pattern in this collection cleverly layers the aesthetic with the pragmatic in a panoply of captivating textures and shapes. Drawing inspiration from graphic geometry and architectural expression, this collection showcases practical pieces accented by lyrical stitch motifs and sculptural details.

Patrice Lamoree
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I’m a complete novice when it comes to knitting, but I could not resist starting a project after looking at so many fun instagram photos of beautifully knitted projects (@kniting_inspiration, @brooklyntweed, @woolandthegang). I started this Brooklyn Tweed Hudson twisted rib turtleneck in the mid Summer to take to my Summer trips in Karuizawa and Atami....Read More