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Explore the fascinating fusion of British and Indian cultures with our curated collection. Learn about the history, traditions, and influential figures that shaped the British Indian community.
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In a desperate bid to head off a Scottish Yes vote, David Cameron evoked a mythical British Empire that had given democracy to the poor and freedom to the slaves. Here Ken Olende looks back at what life was really like when Britannia ruled the waves

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The forces of British India played a major role in both World Wars. Nearly 1,700,000 men and women of the Commonwealth including some 169,700 from the forces of undivided British India died in the 1914-18 and 1939-45 Wars. In the first World War, the strength of the British Indian Army rose to one million and Read more ›

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When we think of art we often associate it with the renaissance paintings we learned about at school. However, there is a whole world of South Asian women who are producing art that celebrates everything it is to be brown, beautiful and bold. Take a look at our list below and learn all about the artists behind the art. Alia Romagnoli My name is Alia. I am a visual artist currently based between London, UK and Bangalore, India. My practice focuses mostly on the photographic medium, however, I…

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When people ask for specifics, I say that my Mum’s White British, and that my Dad’s parents moved here from South Africa and are Indian, so I’m technically White/Indian. I’m not religious, and culturally I have little connection to my Indian heritage. Both my parents were born in England. My Dad’s p