Bridge pose

Enhance your yoga practice with the bridge pose. Discover tips, variations, and the many benefits of this rejuvenating yoga posture.
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Bridge pose is an inversion I often introduce toward the end of a flow class once everyone is really warmed up. It's a class favorite because the foundation is accessible to most people. Those who struggle with the full expression of the pose are usually dealing with really tight chests an

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etu Bandhasana is a common yoga pose that derives its name from three Sanskrit words Setu, which means bridge, bandha, which means a lock, and asana which means pose. It helps in relaxing your body and stretches the muscles of your neck, chest, and back. #setubandhasana #bridgepose #yoga

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Ah, the almighty backbend. This pose is tough because it's a total body stretch. I mean, forget the spine flexibility required for a sec, and you'll see we also need ample space in the wrists, shoulders/armpits, and quads. Many of the common mistakes I see in other poses are just easy alignment issu

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