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Brand identity kit for Sage & Sparrow includes a custom logo, secondary logo, and a sub mark logo. Alongside the color palette, the kit comes with font pairings, social icons, and pattern that was all inspired by a custom moodb oard. Brand Identity Design, Brand Identity, Branding, Logo Inspiration, Branding Design Logo, Logo Design Inspiration, Brand Identity Design Logo Inspiration, Branding Mood Board, Identity Design Logo

Brand Identity kit for Sage & Sparrow, an herbs & spices company based in Colorado. This design is a product of a brief challenge listed on Instagram. Enjoy deliverables including a custom primary logo, secondary logo, sub mark logo, color palette, font pairing, social icons, and pattern that was all inspired by a mood board. Book your brand identity kit with Stacey Ann Creative for your small business branding!

Mithil Suresh