Bra hacks

Discover clever bra hacks to enhance your comfort and style. Learn how to make the most of your bras with these genius tips and tricks.
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Go from strappy to strapless with these simple bra tricks The contents of your dresser drawers are strewn all around your room, but there's still no sign of your strapless bra. With time ticking and your killer outfit already planned, you...

Meghan Pearce
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Lately I’ve added so many off the shoulder, one shoulder tops and dresses that I needed to find a good strapless bra. I then got some really pretty lace dresses and realized that even a strapless bra wouldn’t do as the backs of the dresses were unlined and because it was lace, it was gorgeous but made it so that you couldn’t wear anything underneath. I don’t like to go braless so went hunting for a solution and found the best backless, strapless bra! They call it a “self adhesive bra”…

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The first ever mention of sanitary pads dates back to 4th century CE. Nowadays, they can be found in almost every household. The material used for pads and pantyliners is designed to absorb and store liquid while keeping its outside layer dry and soft. That is why pads and panty liners can have many unusual, but very handy, uses.

Dee McGregor