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Discover a world of book exchange ideas to swap your favorite reads and discover new literary treasures. Join the book exchange community and share your love for reading.
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How to Host A Book Exchange for Holidays and other Fun Gatherings

At our most recent Geek Girls Brunch, we had a "Date With a Book." It was actually a book exchange. We were told to bring a book that meant something to us (or a copy of that book if we couldn't part with ours) and wrap it to exchange

Fran Wilson
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Book Exchange Party + Freebie

I've been thinking about this party since last spring. When my best friend Mac suggested we throw a party together with our other best friend Chelle, I knew this would be the perfect theme. Chelle is a graphic designer (who I'm trying to convince to open an etsy site) and Mac has great taste in decorating and is the most awesome baker ever - as one guest said when "our powers combine parties happen" - ha ha ha. The idea of the party is to bring a book to exchange with someone else. We had…

Susan Yetka Sokolowski

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