Boho bracelets tutorial

Learn how to make beautiful boho bracelets with this step-by-step tutorial. Express your unique style and add a touch of bohemian flair to your jewelry collection.
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Beaded Wrap Bracelet: This Instructable guides you through the steps to create a beaded wrap bracelet. This project is an excerpt from my free introductory Jewelry Class! You're welcome to experiment with your materials! The colors, shapes, and sizes are all matters of p…

Blings Jackson
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I am still trying to find new ways of using up my fabric twine. I love the way it looks, so I keep making it, but one can only display so much of it lol. The other day my husband mentioned he was looking for some summer bracelets, but couldn't find any he liked that weren't costing an arm and a leg. Fear not!, I said. For I have a plan! I have been playing around with an idea for turning my fabric twine into bracelets, so his comment came handy to give me the kick I needed to turn my musings…

Julianne Downes