Boat quilt

Add a touch of nautical charm to your home with these creative boat quilt designs. Explore top ideas to showcase your love for boats and sailing in a cozy and stylish way.
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I am so happy to be to introducing a new series of Petit Four blocks to you, inspired by wonderful memories of seaside holidays. When I designed the blocks for the Spellbound Sampler, I had a vague idea of creating a series of sampler quilts inspired by the seasons. So if the Spellbound Sampler represents autumn, then the clear, clean colours of the Sailing By Sampler signal spring and the sense of adventure evoked by brighter weather and a sparkling sea stretching to the horizon. With that…

Jean Bryson

I indulged in a few long afternoons of playing in EQ8 recently. As usual, what I ended up with bears no resemblance to what I started with. This instance was rather extreme: I was thinking flowers and somehow ended up with a sailboat. Go figure! This block design ended up in my Sailing School pattern. For a tutorial about HRT, go here. After I drew it, I printed out the cut sizes the software suggested and happily started cutting and sewing, only to find that my sails were not turning out…

Céline Morency

I've started working on a nautical boat quilt which I've been meaning to do for ages, but really, like I need another new project!? This I couldn't hold up any longer though, I have a major thing for navy right now and since I live right on the coast, I thought a subtle seaside quilt seemed just right to drape over an armchair in the living room ;-) I found the pattern online, for free! here. It's just amazing the quilt patterns you can find on the web, though I do spend waaaay too long…

Roberta Altieri Coronato