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Experience the beauty and passion of black love through these must-watch movies. Plan a romantic evening with your loved one and get lost in the captivating stories of these films.
12 Movies Like 'The Color Purple' You Must See - The Cinemaholic Black Love Movies, Black Love Couples, Black People Movies, Hollywood Couples, Celebrity Couples, Best Love Stories, Love Story, Stupid Love, Michael Ealy

Your life can change after you watch ‘The Color Purple’. The Stephen Spielberg epic is all about race, womanhood, culture and survival. The story about Celie lost in her inescapable tribulations and how kind hands find her and give her a new life is mesmerizing. Humanity has had an ugly history and we all have […]

Sumit Bhadoriya
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When it comes to Black love on the big screen, we've had our share of great movies through the years. So when a bit of contorversy stirred over New York magazine's omission of Black romantic comedies on their "Best 25 Romantic Comedies Since When Harry Met Sally" list last week, we couldn't help but think of classics like Boomerang, Love and Basketball, and Love Jones. Here are 15 Black romantic comedies we count among the best in the genre.